Article Analysis

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Business Studies, College (1-2), Discussion Post

Select a news article from the past 12 months relating to a topic covered in Chapters 23, 8-11 of our textbook. The article should be from a news outlet such as Harvard Business Review, New York Times, AJC, BusinessWeek, etc.

In your post, you should post a short paragraph summarizing the article (4-5 sentences) and another paragraph explaining how it related to class (4-5 sentences). Lastly, please include a link to the article, the article name, and author.

You should also respond to ONE of your classmates’ posts by the due date commenting on the content of the article or its application to this class. Your response should be substantial in order to receive credit. For example, “Good article” will not receive credit as a response.

The article review and responses should focus on facts and academic sources. The article reviews are not a place for opinions or political discussions.

Topics we have went over include-
Intellectual property
internet law

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