Article critique (diagnostic radiography)

Write an article on article critique (diagnostic radiography) Paper must be at least 2000 words. In reviewing the title, the essential elements of research which provide complete details on the content of the research are easily apparent. The reader is able to immediately understand what the research topic and purpose is (Caldlaw, Henshaw, and Taylor, 2005). The title is also short enough to easily be readable and long enough to contain the essential titular elements. The authors of this paper have a credible academic background in the graduate and post-graduate fields of nursing. They are also affiliated with the academe and the clinical practice, and this quality has allowed them to gain the necessary background and expertise in their clinical and academic practice. They have also published researches and articles related to the journal subject of this critique. The abstract clearly summarizes the key elements of the research, from the research problem to the conclusion. These elements provide a summary of the paper, highlighting its important parts and details which help express to the reader what the research is all about (Caldlaw,, 2005). The purpose or rationale of the study has been outlined and detailed by the researchers in the introductory portion of the paper. Their rationale allowed them to trace the average life expectancy of women and the experiences of women with disabilities on receiving breast mammographies.

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