Asian American History

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Asian American History. The immigrants were the typical Korean of who were used to speaking the Korean languages in their country. When they came to the United States, the language obstacle became the main challenge that the first Korean immigrants experienced in their new country . As much as they were being taught English as foreign language in their country, they were only allowed to remember the terminologies and the grammatical rules in the language, this did not give them the opportunity to be able to put into practice, listen in and converse with any of the native English speaker so as to enable them to develop their skills in the English language . With this language hurdle among the immigrants, they could not be able to get the high level opportunities in the job market and thus it left them with the low level positions in the workplaces as the farm workers and even stone diggers. This was because, they could not correspond to the American employers or the service providers effectively to pass their information across to be understood well enough by their employers, and because of this, the employers ended up placing them at the low level where it needs no much communication skills to the managerial section .As much as the Koreans immigrants were not good in the languages in the United States, they could not be able to attend the classes offered to them for the purpose of improving their communication skills. This was because, they were too busy on their daily duties of farming and any other activities.

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