Have a conversation with someone. It can be a coworker, a classmate, a friend, a roommate, a family member, etc. Before you have that conversation keep certain in mind what are some key aspects of a good communication:

Active listening

Appropriate posture and body language

Friendly/appropriate tone

Eye contact
Speaking clearly and concisely

Empathy and respect

While you have the conversation observe and take mental notes of how some of the topics mentioned above occured (it could be a positive or negative way).

Write a statement and think back and reflect on some of the things that occurred in that conversation. By knowing beforehand some things that make a good conversation, did you get frustrated on how the conversation went? Where any of the key aspects of a good conversation executed properly by the person who you were speaking to? Explain how effective or ineffective the conversation went.

Please provide detailed and thorough responses, versus one or two sentence answers.

Copy and paste the questions to a Word document and submit your answers by uploading the Word document to this folder in CourseDen.