Aspects of sustainable transport mode

Complete 40 page APA formatted essay: Aspects of sustainable transport mode. ( buses in scotland ).In any case, the success of such initiatives requires the active participation of governments. The above issue has been made clear in the case of Scotland where the private bus operators have introduced a series of schemes aiming to align their firms’ activities with the principles of sustainability. The success of this effort is examined in this study. the support of the Scottish Government towards these efforts seems to be important. it should be updated, though, in order to meet the needs of these firms in the terms of sustainability. It is proved that private bus operators across Scotland have made significant efforts in order to promote sustainability their firm’s daily activities. however, often the principles of sustainability are not fully applied. measures need to be taken in order for sustainability to become an actual part of bus industry in Scotland.Sustainability is a concept widely developed internationally. the increase of this concept’s power is mainly related to the deterioration of environmental conditions globally. sustainability can help to the limitation of the effects of human activities on the environment. However, the above target can be achieved only if the principles and the mission of sustainability are clearly understood by the initiators of the relevant projects. The needs of sustainability can be identified in the definition of Hakkinen (1997, 138): ‘the ecological criteria for sustainable development are the preservation of biodiversity and adaption of human activities to the natural resources and tolerance of nature’. The aspects of sustainability explored in this paper are related with a specific industry, the bus industry. therefore, it is in this context that sustainable policies in Scotland will be evaluated and criticized.Bus is an essential means of transport in Scotland. because of its importance for the

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