Assessing strategies for approaching library research

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Week 5 Assignment

Searching the Library Databases

For this Assignment, you will practice searching the Walden Library database and then assessing strategies for approaching library research. Your assessment will involve explaining the ease or difficulty in conducting database searches, examining the importance of peer-reviewed publications, and providing suggestions for searching databases. To begin, log onto Walden’s Library and access the PsycINFO database using your Walden credentials. Complete the following keyword searches and record the results in a word document:

Conduct a search on the term depression. How many hits (Records found) come up? ____ Conduct a search on the term depressed. How many hits? ______ Conduct a search on the term depressing. How many hits? ______ Conduct a search on the exact term depress. How many hits? ______ Conduct a search on the term children. How many hits? ______ Conduct a search on depression AND children. How many hits? ____[This search excercise is based on Exercise #8 in the Course Text]Write a brief analysis of the completed library search exercise and the PsycINFO search you conducted for this week’s Discussion assignment. Comment on the ease or difficulty of conducting both searches. Explain why examining peer-reviewed scholarly publications is an important part of the research process. Provide a suggestion for a colleague who is searching in the Walden Library databases for the first time.

Important note: For this Assignment, be sure to use in-text citations, and include a Reference list formatted in APA style that you learned last week. For information regarding how your Discussion assignment will be evaluated, please review the Grading Rubric located in the Course Information area of the course.

Submit by Day 7 (in one document) your Library PsycINFO assignment responses and your responses to the three bulleted assignment prompts.

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