Assumption Paper

Essay on Assumption Paper. Paper must be at least 500 words. (Whitney, 2002)Antitheist perspective explains that a supreme, self aware, and benevolent being called God does not exist at all. Polytheism and atheism can also be included under this term. It is not very difficult to tolerantly deal with evil and even to submit to it if we develop an antitheist view. This is because that at least in the Christian world view, God is a self existent, loving, and benevolent being (Brown and Phillips, 1996). but antitheism denies a God altogether. This doesn’t mean that they cannot have their own deity. And when this deity is presented before the masses in a terrorist and unethical manner, evil is born. So, existence of evil in this world might be nothing unexpected in the view of an antitheist.A pantheist may not deny the existence of a God (or one and only one God), but according to him/her, God might not be benevolent and loving. God is all penetrating, pervasive, and understand, and evil exists because of His impervious being. (Brown and Phillips, 1996)Such a tremendously apathy generating representation may explain evil as another creation of God. Hence, staunch pantheists may hold that evil, although is a problem, cannot be avoided and should not be avoided. Rather, humans should be prepared to fight and ward off the evil.Agnostic perspective is very much reason based. It is based on the difference between belief and knowledge. Hence, an agnostic person must be inquisitive and may not take anything for granted. Brown and Phillips (1996) believe that agnostic view is a kind of middle path. Therefore, a strict agnostic must find out what is evil and what is its relationship with God in the case God exists. In the view of an event like the collapse of Twin Towers, agnostic perspective might handle the issue by a comparative analysis of both the theist and antitheist paths.Since according to the

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