ATH Technologies

Assignment: ATH Part IV: Refocus on Process: 2014-2015 page 12-14, Part V: New Management 2016-2017 page 14 Why did ATH Technologies experience problems with its new products? What role did measurement and control systems play in these problems?

How should Janet Isabella design and use performance management and control systems to implement her agenda and take charge of the situation? What are the critical performance drivers of success going forward?

What variables should be measured? How easy or difficult should goals be? How should financial expectations be set and communicated?

How can Janet Isabella use control systems to scan the competitive environment to ensure that the business is not again surpassed by new technology?

What events or employee actions could put business objectives at risk?

How would you ensure that these risks are adequately communicated and controlled?

How would you measured and evaluate Scepter’s decision to purchase ATH Technologies in 2011?

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