Austin City Bomber

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Criminal Justice, Homework Help

Often additional tools are needed to help responding officers determine if an explosive threat truly exists. Some methods are low-tech, while other techniques employ highly advanced equipment and technology. Even before responding to a bombing, investigators are plagued with difficulties such as alack of witnesses and difficulty in interpreting modus operandi because of the destruction of evidence that comes with bombing criminal events.

For this assignment you will need to watch the news report on the “Austin City Bomber” and answer the following questions below using examples from the video to support your answers.

You may also need to research additional sources to answer the questions.

What was the perceived motives of the offender?


Must be a minimum of one-page single spaced but no more than two.

Must use paragraphs in a cohesive reflection, do not just copay and paster the questions with the answers below.

Can use “I” in the reflection.

Must be 12pt font and a title or header is not needed.

Please look at the rubric for additional details.

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