Australia and the world

Compose a 1500 words assignment on australia and the world. Australian forces are partnering with the US-led Combined team to focus on Uruzgan Province along with many other ISAF partner countries to disable insurgent networks besides helping the Afghanistan government to build up core services for the local communities and undergo long-term socio-economic growth. 1 Participation of Australia in Afghanistan is not limited to fighting the insurgents only. the Australian government has also engaged itself politically through its civilian officers in the ongoing process. Although the conditions for the soldiers have been very harsh and difficult in southern Afghanistan where 23 Australian soldiers have lost their lives while performing their duties yet the ‘3-D’ strategy of the Australian government of ___________________________ 1 Khosa, “Introduction: Transition and Australia’s Afghanistan Endgame”, 1. diplomacy, development and defence is structured to guide the troops, which is the maximum limit, Australia can go as a partner state to NATO-led forces within the given resources. Australian participation in the war against insurgency in Afghanistan won’t impact greatly on the strategic issues confronting the coalition, particularly the complex regional aspects of the fighting between the coalition-led forces and the Taliban. The best bet for Australia is to attempt pursuing realistic results with the extent of risk it can take in the field of its functioning. It is expected from the ANSF to efficiently manage the security challenges in Uruzgan under the Afghanistan government with the logistic help from ISAF, as the final responsibility of establishing law & order, running efficiently the public administration and arranging essential services at the provincial, district, and community level, financed through national programmes and socio-economic progress based on a robust agrarian economy in Uruzgan depends on the government of Afghanistan only. 2 It is expected that Australian military involvement will continue for 1 more year, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard stated while appreciating the stance taken by Afghanistan to takeover security in parts of the country from coalition-led forces. Hamid Karzai, the Afghan President is hopeful that the process of power change would start in July and by 2014 would be accomplished, which Ms Gillard has stated a “significant step”. On its part, Ms Gillard has shown solidarity with the Afghanistan cause by providing training to _________________________________ 2. Ibid the Fourth Brigade of the Afghan National Army in the southern province of Uruzgan with the strength of its 1,550 soldiers. It is expected that the changeover in Uruzgan province and its districts might start anytime with the next 1 to 3 years. Stephan Smith, the Defence Minister, has also appreciated the decision of Mr. Karzai. The Afghan National Security Force is getting strong enough with the backing of the Combined Team-Uruzgan in capturing the lost grounds all through the Uruzgan province. 3 The life of Australian soldiers functioning from far-away Afghan base has been quite harsh with the approaching summer season and Platoon House Hamid is getting ready to shift to another base with the transfer of area only week away. only Australian mentors would be there with the Afghan National Army.

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