Barsha company description

Write a 8 pages paper on barsha company description. The company ensures that the clients receive urgent and quality services by encouraging the workers to appreciate their duties and be decent when dealing with different customers. The company’s philosophy is that the employees must work towards attaining the long and short-term objectives (Schein, 2010). This is managed by treating clients with courtesy and building trust through the quality provision of services better than the competitors is. This implies that customer care is a valid concept since it maintains the good relationship with esteemed clients, which guarantees recommendations and referrals. The company intends to set up a tradition whereby employees appreciate and accept others from diverse backgrounds (Schein, 2010). This is because of the expansion strategy of entering new markets in other regions. It shall be essential to recruit employees who are willing to follow the organization’s culture of acceptance and trust when interacting with both staff and clients. However, there are complexities of organizational culture environment that needs adjustment to accommodate new employees. The management of BARSHA Company faces the complexity of nurturing a single organizational culture that befits the different beliefs held by the employees. It is apparent that resistance is always eminent when new regulations are adopted, but the management is working on the issue. Organizational culture should not discriminate against the values of individuals or their beliefs since this can cause sabotage (Estlund, 2003). Another complexity is that organizational culture environment sometimes curtails innovation since employees must observe the laid down guidelines. In this regard, organizational culture involving culture variables might cause conflicts between different groups and individuals. The formation of informal groupings at BARSHA Company is another trend that encourages laxity.

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