Battle Royal and the dreadful encounter

Write an argumentative essay on Battle Royal and the dreadful encounter of the invisible man. The narrator, who happens to be the main character and the invisible man in the story, is not named which is just appropriate for the kind of tone the story wants to express. Furthermore, by using the first person point of view the readers are allowed to enter into the world of the invisible man and witness his experiences and developments. The novel “Invisible Man” is written on a style that is, to a great extent, founded upon contemporary symbolism. The very scene presented in the chapter “Battle Royal” is a clear representation of how the African Americans are crudely and forbiddingly regarded by the Americans. Their presence is viewed as a form of entertainment rather than a respectable encounter. They are asked to participate in foolish acts which explicitly shows how the Americans abuse and ridicule them. In order to intensify such claim, Ellison used the imagery of a clown and relates it to the very idea of invisibility that is the fundamental concern of the novel’s main character. For instance, the narrator at the Battle Royal pertains to his black challenger as a “stupid clown” who was destroying his opportunity of delivering his speech. In this scene, there is also the electrified rug, in which the winners need to step on to get their prizes, that makes another boy jumps up hyperbolically, “glistening with sweat like a circus seal” (Ellison 27). The narrator even expresses himself in an image of a clown: “Would not this go against my speech, and was not this a moment for humility, for nonresistance? A blow to my head as I danced about sent my right eye popping like a jack-in-the-box and settled my dilemma” (Ellison 28).

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