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Create a 5 page paper that discusses more beer, inc. More Beer Inc. has to take extreme care while issuing termination notice to any of the employees included in the list supplied to me by you. I am trying to analyze the cases of each employee one by one in order to get more insights into the moral, legal and business aspects involved in the termination of them.Mike is definitely an asset to the company since his track records are above average. One of the major problems facing by HR managers at preset is the identification of skilled personnel for a particular job. In this difficult period, the services of people like Mike who is performing above average is essential for More Beer Inc. when we consider the future of our company. It should be noted that many of our employees are performing average or below average and Mike is one among the few of the employees who are performing above average.Mike’s age is definitely a positive factor for our company. People in the 30’s and 40’s are normally performing better than people in the 20’s or 50’s. In other words, younger age and older age of the employees are equally problematic to an organization. Young employees may have enough energy, but they may not have enough experience or expertize whereas older people may have enough experience, but they may not have enough energy or willingness to perform well. Under such circumstances Mike is an idle person for the company in his dedication to work. He has not taken a single day leave during his career with us which is definitely a factor we must consider in favor of Mike.As we all know, the major drawback of Mike is his heavy accent of speaking English. It is a fact that others are facing some problems in understanding him. However, firing Mike only because of his poor accent cannot be justified under the existing laws in America with respect to race discrimination.

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