Biomechanic of Human Movement Grad school course. Three part assignment. 3 pages total

Part 1: 1 page single type APA. Describe how an athlete’s posture will impact a basketball jump shot. Describe the ideal posture an athlete would possess to perform a jump shot at an elite level. Submissions should be between 250-750 words.

Part 2: 1 page single type APA. Take an anterior, posterior and lateral still photo of the individual you plan to use in your video for section 3.2. Evaluate the individuals posture for anteroposterior and lateral deficits. Submissions should be between 250-750 words.Readings Included:

Part 3: 1 page single type. Describe specifically, the needed strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance and agility required to complete a basketball jump shot at an elite level. Submissions should be between 250-750 words.

Posture (Ackland, Ch 7 p 103-112)
Strength (Ackland, Ch 8 p 119-153)
Power (Ackland, Ch 9 p 155-175)
Speed (Ackland, Ch 10 p 177-190)
Flexibility (Ackland, Ch 11 p 216-226)
Additional journal articles and instructional material found in Readings/Materials folder
Kendall F.P, McCreary E.K & Provance P.G. (1993) Muscles Testing and Function: with Posture and Pain (4th ed.). Williams and Wilkins.
Jurjiu, N.A., & Pantea, C. (2018). Evaluation of posture in sports performance. Timisoara Physical Education & Rehabilitation Journal, 11(21), 22–27.
Jackson, L. R., Purvis, J., & Brown, T. (2019). The effects of postural and anatomical alignment on speed, power, and athletic performance in male collegiate athletes: A randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 14(4), 623–636.
Meylan, C. M. P., Nosaka, K., Green, J., & Cronin, J. B. (2010). Temporal and kinetic analysis of unilateral jumping in the vertical, horizontal, and lateral directions. Journal of Sports Sciences, 28(5), 545–554.

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