What Is Bluetooth Technology. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This research will discuss some of the main advantages and problems associated with this technology. This paper will also recommend the measures that can make this technology better. Bluetooth is acknowledged as a personal area network because of its smaller range than WiFi (30 feet). Additionally, it does not involve line for signals since it utilizes radio waves.

In addition, at present, various mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones are emerging equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is used to allow a Laptop to connect to the cell phone via Bluetooth to use the internet by making use of a cell phone’s wireless connectivity (Ray, 2004, p.181). This wireless connection allows to easily interconnecting via a short-range wireless link.

In this way, we can transfer data within a short distance with the high data rate. In addition, through this technology, users of wireless technology, cellular phones, PDAs can purchase a 3in1 mobile phone that is able to offer the facility of portability of the office or home. It also presents the capability to obtain rapidly synchronized information using a notebook or desktop computer.

Furthermore, the use of Bluetooth at business sector facilitates in sending or receiving a fax, virtual business meeting, working collaboration, initiate a print-out and also the facility of the fixed computer devices with complete coordination (Flint et al., 1998).

In short, Bluetooth wireless technology is a fast, low-power microwave wireless connection technology that is used to attach laptops, phones, PDAs, and various portable devices jointly within a small area (Mittal, 2009). Furthermore, a Bluetooth technology chip is taking the place of the cable technology by transmitting the information at an extraordinary 2.4GHz data transfer frequency to a receiver Bluetooth chip (Btdesigner, 2009).

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