BMW automobiles

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Investigate the BMW Automobiles.Social media has provided a platform for marketers including BMW to have a voice as well as a way to communicate with customers. It has furthermore provided a way to personalize brands and help spread out the brand message in a conversational and relaxed mode.BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) a Germany manufacturing company that specializes in automobiles, motorcycles, as well as engine making was founded 96 years ago and has operations worldwide with divisions and manufacturing plants in more than 13 countries on all five continents (Robson, 2008).BMW and Honda are two different companies targeting very different clientele. BMW generally invests a lot in technology 85% of their investments is in technology as their target market are the affluent buyers which in turn helps BMW maintain its incredible high margins. Honda, on the other hand, is more focused on price tags and mass production of vehicles to maintain or even make profits. Furthermore, it can be said that customers of Honda can upgrade to BMW status while BMW customers very rarely downgrade to Hondas.Since BMW invests heavily in technology, with the use of their e-marketing strategy, which incorporates social network applications with the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in order to reach a high number of people at fairly low costs. BMW’s use of social media allows for multimedia as well as interactive communication with numerous customers thus allowing better marketing (Mbwette, 2013). While Honda, on the other hand, has less than 50% investment in technology but rely mostly on pricing and TV commercials to make sales in the various countries that Honda sells because the Honda company is generally reluctant on spending money especially to do with promotions.Regarding BMW, the general overall impressions are impressive their business model is great, everything

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