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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic book success. John Supervisor Literature Book Success 19 June Introduction The assignment discusses the process of book publication. The of this paper has written a book – Green Blood. In this paper, he discusses about various modes of publication of this book and selects the most suitable.&nbsp.The Book – Green BloodThe genre of Green Blood is crime, mystery and thriller. The story of this novel is similar to the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’. This is the author’s debut novel, for which he is looking for the best publishing mode in the market. There are various choices in the market.Different Types of Publishers A Large Publishing HouseThere are many reasons why this option is unsuitable for the author. As this is a debut novel, the author has to find a good and reputable literary agent for his representation.&nbsp.This is because most of the large publisher houses do not entertain unsolicited manuscripts (Brewer, 2014). Even after finding a good agent, the manuscript should be approved by editors and others in&nbsp.the company.&nbsp.A Small PressThe second option is a small press that caters to niche market and is one of the best options for the author.&nbsp.Also, known as independent publishing companies, today they hold 50% market share in book publishing industry (Brewer, 2014).&nbsp. Most often, their main goal is not primarily earning profit. their goals include dissemination of information or offering a platform to new authors. For best results, the author can search for an appropriate small press using the internet, and select the best fit publisher to publish the mystery novel. A publishing house which has already been successful in publishing novels of the same genre will be the priority (Brewer, 2014).&nbsp.Self-PublishingThe third option before the author is self-publishing method. It can be also defined as the publication by the author himself, without any involvement of a third-party. Also known as privately printed book, the main advantage is complete control over the publication process as well as marketing of the book. However, the author requires considerable financial back-up for choosing this option (Patterson, 2012).Best Choice for the Author The best option for the author is either a small press where he can find a niche company specializing on his chosen genre.&nbsp.However, if the author would like to have complete control and has&nbsp.a good& backing, he can choose&nbsp.self-publishing (Balson, 2014).&nbsp.Getting Success with the Book The genre being mystery/crime thriller, this book is similar to Sidney Sheldon’s ‘If Tomorrow Comes’ or Frank Abner’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’.&nbsp.Narrated in first-person, this book follows the life of an honest Caribbean native, who gradually realizes that honesty will not make him successful in USA, and so his journey of being a scamster begins. A critical step to get success initially will be seeking member ship to the prestigious The Crime Writers Association&nbsp.(CWA), as that will automatically increase visibility of his novel among the mystery/crime novel aficionados. Targeted towards various types of&nbsp.audience,&nbsp.including international business people, students of the finance or any person who&nbsp.likes&nbsp.a good crime thriller, the author would like& publish this book first in hard cover and then as an e-book.&nbsp. The chances of the success of this book are very good, as they are very popular in the market.Works CitedBrewer, R.L. Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide To Getting Published, 94th Edition, Writer’s Digest Books. 2014.Balson, R.H. Bestseller Success Stories That Started Out As Self-Published Books. Web. 19 June 2015. 2014Patterson, C. How The Great Writers Published Themselves. Web. 19 June 2015. 2012.

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