Breaking and entering plus burglary crime scene

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These links are what you will need to do this assignment. Please read them if you don’t know what you are doing.

Photography Assignment


You will be asked to create a “breaking and entering plus burglary crime scene.” Do not actually damage anything for this project. You will then have to take photographs of your crime scene, using the photography information provided in the textbook to ensure that you take all the photographs that will be required in court. You must take at least 15 photographs, including overview, medium range and close-up photographs. You should think of 15 photographs as the bare minimum, and that you will probably need more than 15 to fully document your crime scene. Your close-up photographs must include photographs of your items both with and without a scale. You must also photograph the area where your “items or items” were “stolen” from. You must also draw a sketch of your “crime scene.”

You will also have to write a crime scene report describing the crime scene. While you are photographing your crime scene, you should also be taking notes: what does the crime scene look like? What is “missing?” What were your steps? What photos did you take? What is your “evidence?” What did you “collect?” Use that information to write your crime scene report.

In your crime scene report, you also need to include a photography log (listing all of the photographs you have taken…read about photography logs in your readings) and an evidence log, listing all of the evidence you “collected.” These logs are important aspects of any crime scene report.

Note: This crime scene report should be a minimum of 500 words. But, as with the photographs, please consider 500 words the bare minimum required.

Put together a PowerPoint presentation of your photographs and your sketch (either scan or photograph your sketch to digitize it). Submit your Crime Scene Report and your PowerPoint to your Assignment Folder.

Paper Requirements:

  • Introduction: Set the scene and your actions
  • Scene Information: paint of picture of the scene using words
  • Movements within the scene: How did you search and document the scene
  • Items Missing: Make sure you fully describe the items missing and the locations they are missing from
  • Evidence Found: make sure you fully describe any evidence found and the location of each item
  • Photography Log: a required element
  • Evidence Log: a required element
  • Conclusion: Summarize what you did in during your crime scene investigation

Format Requirements

Paper should be a minimum of 500 words or two pages Double space 12 pt. font 1″ margins Use APA citations for all sources Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count)

A Simplified Guide to Crime Scene Photography: Evidence Photography:

Crime scene imaging techniques:

Forensic Photography:

Importance of Still Photography at Scene of Crime: A Forensic vs. Judicial Perspective:

Scales, Numbering and Directional Devices:

Scale Selection and Placement:

Crime Scene Sketching and Diagramming:

Crime Scene Diagramming:

5 essential tools for reconstructing the ballistic trajectory of a projectile:

Document a Crime Scene With Smartphone Apps:

Hierarchical, Three-Dimensional Measurement System for Crime Scene Scanning:

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