BS (Britsh standard)

Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic BS (Britsh standard).British Standard for the vocabulary of terms in design management system is being presented through BS 7000-10 so that there could be better understanding of terms used while managing design and coordinating the work of various professionals who forms the design development team. All the terms and related definitions that are basically the found in various other parts of the BS 7000 series have been collated into this BS 7000-10. Apart from these, this standard contains many other terminologies that have got a very common presence in design practice and management. The compilation has been the most useful as well as eloquent reference in all discussions in the domain of design. This BS 7000-10 defines vocabulary that has got its use in design and its management including those that are being used in different areas with particular meanings in industry as well as commerce.The scope of this BS 7000-10 has been quite wide and actually covers all terminologies that have some use in the design management irrespective of the sectors. It might be the government, industry, business & commerce, services providers and the public sector enterprises. It has equivocally been applicable to all range of areas that includes technical, services, software, production and design. The terminology related to Intellectual property Rights and other rights have also been given due space in the compilation. In short one can easily figure out that this BS 7000-10 is meant for an able assistance to those who have the responsibility or an interest in design and its management. But at the same time, it is also meant for assisting those who are basically meant for providing a helping hand to the main designers but have no familiarity with the terminologies that are often used by the designers.British Standard Series is a clear example of one understanding according to which one can

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