Build (or repair) relationships at work

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Assignment

1. With whom do you need to build (or repair) relationships at work?

2. What do you need to share (hidden quadrant) with others to be more open and productive? In other words, what would cause people to say “wow, that guy/gal is awesome?

3. Think of an example in which you regularly engage in negative self-talk personal, and/or pervasive messages about events/situations or people). Describe the negative self-talk content and context. Is it about your behaviors (i.e., less than perfect), other’s behaviors? Blaming or criticizing? What are the consequences (i.e., anger, avoidance, hostility, less effective/productive, bad performance)? What WILL you start doing differently TODAY (be specific) to change the self-talk to constructive messages? Examples: You might simply consider the possibility that belief about the person (or yourself) is not 100% correct! That they act a certain way because they are afraid of losing respect, relationships, status, approval, etc. 

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