Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Burj khalifa. Some of the materials used for assembling the building are aluminum, steel, and concrete. It is appealing to recognize that all the aluminum used in the construction can make about five aircrafts. The total length of steel used is equivalent to 293 times Eiffel Tower’s height. Additionally, total amount of concrete used for its construction can construct a concrete pavement of about 2,065 kilometers (The Knowledge 1).

The best means of transport that one can use when going to Burj Khalifa is a plane. This trip may take one week because of the travelling process and many places that one has to visit in the building. There are many hotels where one can stay whenever they are not touring. The best hotel around the place is the Armani hotel. The weather around the skyscraper is hot steamy, and this makes the building glass walls to produce water droplets dues to condensation (The Telegraph 1). The water droplets can be collected into the water tank placed at the car park that cools the plants and other landscape features around the building. About 15,000 liters of water that can fill about twenty Olympic-sized pools is usually collected annually due to condensation. During the cold season, there is usually fog and the building rises above the fog. “The area experience heavy fog during cold seasons because of the areas’ steamy climate “(The Telegraph 1).

Burj Khalifa is one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai. The place is worth visiting because in the modern history, there is no other building that has raised so much curiosity around the world. At the top of this modern architecture, one can experience engineering wonders. One can have a lucid view of the striking world from the top of this building. In the building, there are multimedia presentations that will enable one know many fascinating things the building and about Dubai in general (Burj Khalifa 1).

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