Business Law Case Analysis

Argumentative essay on Business Law Case Analysis. Needs to be 2 pages. e essence of the contract, the contract does not become voidable by the failure to do such thing at or before the specified time. but the promisee is entitled to compensation from the promisor for any loss occasioned to him by such failure. (Section 52, Contract Act 1872)The delay caused by the supplier and workers of the plaintiff gives the right to the defendant to cut down the losses or compensation as per the agreed terms. Therefore the defendant has no need to reimburse the $21,000 that he withheld due to the incident caused by plaintiff or his parties.As the delay has been due to the supplier’s act then the plaintiff can file the appeal against suppliers and if the court deems it appropriate can, then the plaintiff can reimburse the due share. While the workers are the part of the organization, therefore such liability and risk falls upon the company

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