Business plan

Build a business plan by designing a strategic plan, conduct a feasibility analysis, understand franchising and how to buy an existing business. Develop a marketing plan and how to use e-commerce, create a successful financial plan. Word count: 3000, excluding table of content, references, etc.Contents guidePart I – 200 words: Company overview such as mission, vision, and business core valuesPart II- 800 words: Objectives (specific) ; products, customers, industry and market analysis, PESTLE, competition, internal business strengthsPart III – 1200 words: differentiation, competitive advantage, marketing strategy (marketing mix), sales strategyPart IV- 600 words: Operations strategy, managementPart V- 200 words: Financial model (chart), administrative and operating expenses, selling expenses, financial expenses, break even analysis, cash flow managementOnly original work is required. Two reference business plans are provided, and tutor will assist rewriting and preparing a fresh (original) business plan based on the above guide. Tutor should provide a snap shot of turnitin to verify originality. Only qualified tutors please, this is an MBA level work. Standard work is required and tutors who provide copy paste work will not be rewarded. Thank you.Attachment 1Attachment 2Running head: E COMMERCE 1 E- CommerceStudent NameCourse TitleSep 9, 2016 E COMMERCE 2E-commerce Start-up Business PlanPart 1: Executive Summary I have made marketing plan on electronic…

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