Business policy and strategy

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Business policy and strategy

Required reading for Unit 1:Strategic Management, by N. Ritson, pages 1-23, 66-71. Available for reading online at Bookboon, or free download directly from the course’s “Textbooks” page.

Leadership Skills, by MTD Training, pages 9-15. Available for reading online at Bookboon, or free download directly from the course’s “Textbooks” page.

Part 1

Perform an internet search and find two (2) companies that have their vision/mission statements on their websites. Summarize those statements and briefly explain the meaning of those statements.

You are encouraged to research outside sources and, of course, cite them. Do not, however, quote sources word-for-word, but rather, respond to the Discussion Forum Question in your own words.

Part 2

Chapter 4 of Strategic Management discusses three “schools” of strategy. After reading the assigned reading and other available information carefully, prepare a two page (double-spaced) essay describing the three schools of thought and provide an example of each.

Cite references to material that you use in preparing the essay.

Part 3

For this week’s reflection, please write an essay of complete and well composed paragraphs (200 word minimum for the entire essay) where you name or describe a company that you would like to be the CEO of (a real company or a conceptualized one) and compose a vision and mission statement for that company.

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