Business Problem Solution Analysis

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Business Problem Solution Analysis with Research Discussion

Where should we begin to determine possible solutions for our business problem? We must look at the “causes” of the business problem to find solutions. If you can identify these “causes” you will be able to recommend the best solution to the board.

Your final presentation to the board will be that recommendation at the end of the semester.

How have other companies/entities with the same type of problem eliminated the causes of their problems?

Your task: Briefly introduce your business problem then state two possible causes with two possible solutions and pros and cons of each solution. Your intro lets the reader know the context of your problem.

Provide at least two possible solutions for the problem supported by research.

Provide Pros and Cons for each possible solution with research to support each of your assertions. You should use in text citations for any information you receive from outside sources (even if you do not quote them directly) and provide a final APA reference list. You should have a minimum of 4 sources in total.

What would be a pro for a solution: Is it easily implemented? Save time? Save money?

What are the cons of a solution? Is the cost prohibitive? Will it take our employees time away from our needs? Will it use too many resources?

Each problem should have at least two solutions with a minimum of one pro and one con with supporting research formatted to APA requirements. Choose the strongest pros and cons that a board would care about. You need an APA
reference list listing all sources you used.

Required Format: Click on Reply to post to this group discussion creating your own thread. Post directly into the discussion board, Find your persuasive group and the discussions.

Use specific language and short concise sentences. You should have a short introduction mentioned above- followed by your analysis of at least two causes/solutions. Be sure to mention which “cause” each solution will solve.

You er required to respond to each student in your persuasive team with suggestions and comments on their business problem.

See sample below for required content and format.

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