Cable Fixers

Gene Johnson, who worked for Cable Fixers, Inc. for 21 years, was terminated when he was 69 years old and was replaced by a much younger man who Cable Fixers paid a significantly lower salary than it was paying Gene. Gene’s only evidence of age discrimination is an email from his manager stating that he (the manager) understood how long Gene had worked for Cable Fixers but that Gene was not doing as good a job as he used to do. Is this enough to establish age discrimination? What elements must Gene show to prove age discrimination? Can Cable Fixers fire an older, higher salaried employee and replace him with a younger lower paid employee? Your response should be a minimum of 200 words in length.

To prove age discrimination Gene should present a valid age proof as per law or should hire a lawyer in such a case. There should not be any sought such kind of age discrimination if Gene’spaper…

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