Can We Talk

Can We Talk. Write a 250 word paper answering; Can We Talk”? Indeed the role of communication can never be underestimated. it does play a very big role in marriage. For there to be proper and effective communication, the two parties have to open up and freely share their feelings without being worried about being judged. It is called self disclosure. This is a well thought out article and in fact very timely. Many, me being included, can relate to this article in so many ways. First of all the whole aspect of self disclosure is very important in any form of relationship. Especially in marriage where, at times, communication normally breaks down leaving the two parties very bigger with each other. Failure to have self disclosure, the two parties will develop some internal anger and without proper channel to vent it out, for instance proper communication skills, it may worsen the problem. I remember back in the day, I and my wife never used to open up to each other and it really cost our relationship dearly. This failure to open up in many cases is necessitated by poor communication between spouses. Self-disclosure is very important and in fact directly related to contentment and satisfaction in relationships (Can We Talk? Role Of Communication In Marriage, 2011).Gender differences have to be put in consideration despite the fact that research has actually found very big difference between genders in as afar as communication is concerned .Similarities also exist. Personally I can relate to so many similarities for instance, both men and women like being talked to nicely without being shouted at. Despite the fact that social research is normally based on generalization and some people do not fit in some of those generalizations. Personally I do not fit in most of the generalizations may be because of my split personality.ReferencesCan We Talk? Role Of Communication In Marriage. Anti Essays. Retrieved February 18, 2012, from:

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