Capital Project Analysis

1. Capital Project Analysis An organization starts its Capital Budget process. Describe three categories of decisions and the two components of a capital investment decision. What should be the criteria to select a project. Is it different from a not-for-profit and a for-profit company? Why or why not? (250 – 300 words)

2. Consolidation and Mergers Describe three reasons why companies may merge. What is the difference of vertical and horizontal integration. Take one live example and discuss the reason and type of integration. (250 – 300 words)

3. Capital Structure Explain the differences between debt and equity financing and the sources of each. What are some of the issues in today’s healthcare environment where income is not necessarily guaranteed to cover debt.

4. Cash Management Explain why cash management is especially crucial in most sectors of the health industry. Discuss the areas that management need to work on to manage working capital.

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