Capstone methodlogy

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Capstone methodlogy.With this, I am in a better position to identify the right people to consult in my research.The author is a seasoned security analyst who was tasked with the core mandate of researching into how the September 11 Attack on America could be avoided in Africa in the future. The source is particular about the need to carry out critical assessment of terrorists’ threats and attacks saying that without such assessment exercises, prevention and control can never meet the risk at hand. With my research at hand, the source is will provide me with useful information on how terrorism can be combated by carrying out effect terrorism assessment.The writers are part of the agency responsible for devising national strategy for aviation security in America and can therefore be trusted on their competence in aviation related issues. This article recognizes the operation of aviation as a vital and instrumental component for national and economical development. In relation to my capstone project, the source shall be my most reliable source for collecting secondary data on how the promotion of aviation security have impacted on economic growth for the nation over the past years.The author is an aviation journalist who has followed the issue of aviation safety for years. The source author pays tribute to air transport as the nation’s most important means of transport as far as security management and threat are concerned. With the credibility of the writer, the researcher is sure to depend on the source for valid secondary data on salient aviation statistics in major part of the world. including roles world leaders have played in ensuring aviation safety.The writers are researchers whose researches are targeted and focused on terrorism financing. The authors have established themselves as authorities in the area of terrorism financing. The source document brings the reader closer to the activities of terrorists, especially how they succeed in

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