Case Analysis – The Need to Explain

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Assignment

GET ANSWER – Assignment: Case Analysis The Need to Explain. Step 1: The office of Dr. Figgy Jenkins has been treating patients for over 20 years in her internal medicine practice. It is a small practice which includes herself, a nurse, her husband Jason, who works as the office manager, and the front desk receptionist Jemma Morrow. The majority of patients are older and are comfortable with the practice being small and the caring service Jemma has been with them since she was 19 and has only worked this one job. She is the breadwinner as her husband is disabled and unable to work. She relies on this job for the health insurance. Jason is an assertive manager and has to be in control of all situations dealing with the office. The local hospital approached the Jenkins about merging the practice and the staff to be under the control of the hospital. Employee oversight will come mostly from hospital management.The change is very appealing to the Jenkins as they would not have to pay for the conversion to electronic health records at a cost of $ 30,000. Dr. Jenkins would receive additional pay and fringe benefits would be paid to her husband. It has been rumored that other practice going this route have resulted in most of the employees loosing their job. Let’s assume that the Jenkins have decided to merge with the hospital.

Step 2:

1. What do you see as the Jenkins approach to each strategy to communicate this change to Jemma? Which one do you see as being the most and which one the least effective and why?

2. Organizational change is a natural progression that can help a company grow and prosper. However, unplanned changes can result in a life altering experience. What do you see as the potential problems with this change from the patients and Jemma perspective?

3. Assume Jemma has just been told of the change and it is quite emotional. She is not happy with how the Jenkins sprung this on her. The change will take place in two weeks. What types of support do you see Jemma needing and why?

4. Considering work changes or potential work changes that you have or could face what advice would you give Jemma to cope with these changes.

Answer it in a depth and follow the question to answer.

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