Case analysis – Unilever

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Case Study, College (1-2), Management

CASE SCENARIO (CH. 4) Please answer the questions and compose a paper no longer than one single space page.

Critical Thinking Questions
4-1. Not all consumers care about the social and environmental goals that Unilever embraces: is it a mistake for the company to align itself so visibly with these goals? Why or why not?

4-2. How does helping small farmers in developing countries benefit Unilever?

4-3. Why wouldn’t Unilever just donate a portion of its profits to social and environmental causes rather than integrating them with the company’s operations?

Learn More Online
Visit and explore the Sustainable Living section. What measures of progress does the company now list? How does this information influence your perceptions as a consumer of Unilever and its products? Would you consider going to work for Unilever after reading this information?

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