Case Study on Essential Drugs and Supplies

Only STEP 1 is due for this week assignment and I am putting all steps to get you an overall idea. Create a Case Study on Essential Drugs and Supplies for PHCInstructionsThis assignment takes place in      weekly installments to enable you to build a case study about a real-life      community level PHC program and how it guarantees essential drugs and supplies      for the population it serves. Ideally you would describe a      program in an area where you currently work or have worked in the recent      past. If you are no longer working in the program, feel free to call or      mail people still associated with the program to help provide information.      We also recognize that not everyone has such experience at this point, so      we are encouraging those without experience to identify an existing      program run by a Non-Governmental Organization and/or Ministry of Health      where you might like to work in the future. In either case, we expect you to      conduct web searches and literature reviews to learn important information      needed for the four steps in the assignment below. You must provide all      references and links in the document, including mention of conversations      with key program staff.  Case Study Step 1Step 1: OverviewDescribe the location/service area      for the community based PHC program Describe the focus and goals Explain the type of Community      health Worker involved in the program Discuss the role of community      participation in the program generally and in essential drug managementList references.Case Study Step 2Step 2: ProcurementOutline      the essential drug list used in the community PHC program and how it was      developed Outline      the forecasting/planning processes and links with the program’s      information system Describe      the procurement process Explain      how drugs and supplies move from procurement all the way to communityList references.Case Study Step 3Step 3: Community Level ManagementExplain      the training CHWs receive in drug management Describe      how safety of drugs is maintained Outline      the general record keeping for providing services to community members and      in particular, the logistics information management system to keep track      of suppliesList references.Case Study Step 4Step 4: Lessons Learned and RecommendationsDescribe      the successes and positive experiences learned in providing essential      drugs and supplies to this community Give      an overview of the various challenges faced by the program Compare      this program with one or more of the case studies in Module 3 Give      recommendations for future management and improvement of the programList references. After references, please list any other thoughts or important information about the project that you think we should know and understand.

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