Remember to use APA format guide. Please start with a Topic Sentence that shows a controlling idea of your topic. Remember to include intext citations, also include all outside sources. Your paper should be at least (3 to 4 pages) along with a cover page. Please do not forget your reference page.

Please select ONE of the 4 topics listed below as your Case Study research assignment. The attached video is just for information. You must do additional research beyond this video.


1. Safety in Garment Factories – Bangladeshi

CNN’s Jim Boulden reports on the growing pressure on clothing companies after a Bangladeshi garment factory collapsed. Should actions be taken by US companies?

2.Tide Laundry Packets

Tide laundry packets prompts poison warning, children consume product thinking it’s candy and get sick.

3.Companies tracking your every move

CNN’s Randi Kaye talks to a technology editor about an article digging.

deep into the world of internet tracking. Is this ethical?

4. Excessive Executive Salaries (Executive Excess Part 2)

Paul Solman investigates the factors that influence executive pay. Part two in the series examines the freedom of the market determining those salaries. Should there be limitations on executive salaries?

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