Catchers and legislations

Essay on CJ6. Paper must be at least 250 words. Its evolution further included thief catchers and legislations but increase in crime rates let to establishment of a formal police force in the 17th century. Position of the sheriff was established with duties such as apprehension, tax collection, and management of public funds but crimes continued to increase. Texas Rangers was then formed in 1823 to protect settlers’ interest and became a lawful entity after 1870. Other agencies were also forms such as Federal Marshals (1989) and Metropolitan Police Force (1845).The current police system in the United States is however more complex, the most complex in the world, and exist at federal, state, county, local, and private levels. The federal branch is part of the executive government branch and enforces provisions of the US criminal code and consists of the FBI, ATF, US Marshals Service, Homeland Security, Customers and border Protection, Secret Service, Coast Guard, IRS, and US Postal Service. State police force exists in every state with limited jurisdiction of enforcing state laws in their states. Counties and municipals also have their police systems headed by county sheriffs and enforce laws within their geographical jurisdictions. The private police sector is another branch and is significant in apprehending

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