Catholic church

Write an article on the catholic church Paper must be at least 250 words. The spiritually demeaning practices included the sale of indulgences and relics. Further erosion of the spiritual righteousness of the Catholic Church occurred through the corrupted clergy of the Catholic Church exploiting the pious laity, as a natural consequence of a corrupted papacy. These defects in the Catholic Church led to the attempts of St. Francis, Peter Waldo, Jain Hus, and John Wycliffe seeking to address these defects of the medieval Catholic Church prior to the Reformation Movement of Martin Luther. Question 2: Can you summarize how the Catholic Church countered the Reformer’s challenge? Were the Papacy and its supporters successful, and if so, what were the instruments of that success? Growing Protestantism was threatening to eclipse the Catholic Church as the central religious authority in Europe, leading to the reform initiatives within the Catholic Church. These initiatives were based on a three-prong strategy, and history has demonstrated that this counter of the Catholic Church arrested the growth of Protestantism at the expense of the Catholic Church. The first prong was The Council of Trent set up under Pope Paul III. In essence, The Council of Trent was tasked with improving the discipline and administration of the Catholic Church through identifying appointments of corrupt bishops and priests, the traffic in indulgences, and any other financial abuses. The Council upheld the basic structure and dogmas of the Catholic Church, but also tacitly identified the presence of legitimate complaints. The second prong was to address these tacitly accepted legitimate concerns. Politically motivated appointments of Bishops were stopped and the Bishops gave more powers to address the problems of the Church. A basic problem of poor theological education levels among the priests was identified and steps initiated to remove this deficiency.

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