Causes and effects of using mobile phones

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Causes and effects of using mobile phones.It decreases the social interaction and people find it awkward to initiate any discussion because they are too busy with their cell phones. It has completely taken away the ability of humans to talk face to face. The University of Essex in U.K conducted this research in which 37 pairs of strangers were seated in the secluded area and were asked to talk about recent events. Half of them were given mobiles while the other half were without it. The results showed that who had mobiles exhibited negative vibes while the result was vice versa with those who did not have the mobiles (Borrelli). So this shows that the absence of mobiles can improve the social behavior of people.It increases the stress level. A lot of people will oppose this statement but this is true. The vibration, ringtone, reminders, and alarms work to increase the stress level. The anticipation makes it a lot worse and results in the increase in stress level. It affects the digestive system, can lead to depression, heart disease, weight problems and sleep disturbance. In this state, the body fails to function properly. It also affects your vision. The continuous use of mobile and the screen can damage the vision. It can cause a severe headache that can lead to the long-sightedness or short-sightedness. So it can be seen that mobiles have more negative effects than positive. An excessive use of this device can lead to the number of problems. So make the minimal use of this device in order to prevent yourself from danger.

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