Causes of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis

Need an argumentative essay on Causes of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis. Needs to be 1 pages. Due to this the mortgage originators had lesser incentive to motivate them to take careful underwritings (Chapra, M., 2009). The economy of the real estate industry was affected seriously by the step. With these kinds of effects that the real estate industry had on the economy of the world, it is quite evident that real estate industry is an economic to reckon.More attention was accorded to loan volumes rather than loan quality as banks fought to increase their investment opportunities hoping to maximize their profits as a result of the economic crunch (Torres, 2010). In Greece alone, investors became reluctant to do business or even finance the Government deficits (Torres, 2010). With the decline in the confidence in government, falling by around 10% in many countries, it became very evident that the masses were discontent with the short term measures that were being taken by governments to try and solve the situation (Torres, 2010). The effects of the meltdown were felt quite deep down the social ladder. Starting at the top with the banks not trusting one another and the interbank credit being anemic, the unequal economic incomes affected the wage growth in countries where it would have been justified by the productivity

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