Change Control Request Form

Overview: This assignment is a part of the ongoing case study project introduced at the start of the course. Complete this portion of the case study using the accompanying outline template provided in Blackboard. The Case Study Project is not a collaborative effort. All assignments should be completed individually.

Instructions: SCENARIO: The case study project you have been planning throughout the course is now underway. Predictably, the project is not completely following the project plan. In fact, two of the risks you identified in your business case assignment in course unit 1 appear to be occurring.

Step 1: Choose any 2 of the 5 risks you identified in your business case assignment. Both risks must have sufficient impact on the project that the project’s scope – a task, deliverable, requirement, or other output – must be modified. In other words, do not choose risks that don’t require any changes to the project, and do not choose risks that can be addressed simply by changing the project’s schedule or budget. Your risk response must require a change to some portion of the project’s scope.

Step 2: Based on the lecture materials in the course thus far and the template provided, submit change control requests to modify project scope in order to respond to the risks you identified in step 1. Submit two change control request forms, one for each risk you selected in Step 1. As with earlier deliverables, use a business writing style where applicable. Also, as discussed in this week’s lecture materials, change requests should be easy to read quickly.


  • Use the “Change Request Form Outline” template to complete the assignment and submit to Blackboard.
  • Each change request you submit should be no longer than 1 ½ pages.
  • Writing should be clear, concise, and well organized. Thoughts should be expressed in a logical manner.

PMG501 – Scope Project Management

Unit 6 Assignment: Change Control Request Form

  • The writing should be free of spelling, grammar errors with excellent sentence /paragraph construction.
  • Save your files using the following filename convention:
    • ChangeRequestForm – FirstName_LastName

Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

Clear and Professional Writing

Writing assignment contains no sense of organization. Paragraphs lack clear ideas. Contains several errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation which detracts from content.

Writing assignment contains a sense of organization. Some paragraphs have clear ideas. Contains several minor errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, but does not detract from content.

Writing assignment contains good overall organization. Most paragraphs have clear ideas and are supported with some examples. Mostly free of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Writing assignment is well-planned and well-thought out. All paragraphs have clear ideas, are supported with examples and have smooth transitions. Free of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

PMG501 – Scope Project Management

Change Control Request Form

Change Control Request Form

(Note: the text in RED is designed to help you write your request. Please remove all red text before submitting your assignment.)

PROJECT NAME[Insert project name here]
DATE OF REQUESTInsert date of request. For assignment purposes, you can cite the assignment due date.
PROJECT SUMMARYInsert a 2-3 sentence description of the project, including the primary final output, due date, overall budget. You may use text previously written for other assignments.
REQUEST SUMMARY“What are you asking for?” In less than 2 paragraphs, describe the change you are proposing. Examples could include:· Addition of a new task· Deletion of an existing task· Modification of one of more solution requirementsSince you are requesting a change from your project plan, be sure to cite the original task, requirement, deliverable (whatever you want to change) for context, and then describe what the new task, requirement, or deliverable will be. You do not need to identify WHY the change is needed in this section (you’ll be able to provide your rationale in the next section.)
REASON FOR REQUEST“What happened?” In less than 1 paragraph, describe what has happened to necessitate this change.
CHANGE COST ESTIMATEIs there a monetary cost associated with making this change? How much (expressed in dollars?)
CHANGE SCHEDULE ESTIMATEIs there a schedule change associated with making this change? How long (expressed in hours, days or weeks?)
IMPACT OF NOT MAKING CHANGE“What if we do nothing?” Describe in specific terms what will happen if this change is not approved (for example, what requirement will be unfilled?)
BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS AFFECTED BY THIS CHANGE“Does this mean other changes are necessary?” Are any business requirements affected by this change? If so, cite the business requirement here.
OTHER REQUIREMENTS OR TASKS IMPACTED BY CHANGE“Does this mean other changes are necessary?” Are any solution requirements, other deliverables, or other tasks affected by this change? If so, cite the requirement number or the WBS number and title of the requirement/task/deliverable.
CHANGE TIMEFRAME“How long can we wait to decide?” By when must the change be made in order to be effective?
APPROVALIdentify in this area which stakeholder(s) should be responsible for formally approving this request.

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