Change management

Submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Change management (Transformational change :Role of leadereship).Contemporary organizations are making certain changes to sustain these transformations in the external world. Transformational management is a style of incremental and evolutionary management, which enables an organization to adopt changes in workplace. Transformational management in workplaces, nowadays, demands for new attributes of governance in the organization. One such attribute is transformational leadership. This research paper will conduct an in-depth literature review and analysis regarding transformational change in the role of leadership. Along with literature analysis, the researcher will also provide some empirical evidence, which will reflect activities undertaken by modern organizations, owing to a modified role of leadership. Transformational leadership is the pattern of leadership, where leaders alter the overall quality of manpower in an organization. This pattern of leadership also involves matters relating to motivating, valuing requirements and satisfying needs of the employees.The concept of transformational change in the leadership style was first introduced in a special sociological study, made by J. V. Downton, in 1973. Soon in 1978, James McGregor Burns mentioned the concept transformational leadership in his book, “leadership”. James MacGregor Burns stated in his book that transformational leaders in organizations are initially driven by individual recognition and acknowledgement. However, these leaders gradually addresses to the communal interests in workplaces. Burns also claimed that great leaders, such as, Gandhi and Mao, were transformational leaders. History has recorded that these great leaders had first sufficed the requisites of their followers and then tried to exercise certain powers on them. These historical leaders were also claimed to be highly sensitive towards their aspirations and purposes. Barnard M. Bass’s theory on transformational leadership includes factors and models

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