Chem Paper

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Chemistry

Chem Paper Topics

Acid Rain: Causes, Effects and Cures
Water Quality: Is It Safe to Drink?
Alternate Energy Sources: Are They Ready? Are We Ready?
Ethanol vs. Gasoline: Can Ethanol Replace Gasoline?
Metals of Antiquity: Gold, Silver, Copper, and Iron
Modern Metals: Aluminum, Titanium, and Silicon
Recycling Metals, Glass, Paper and Plastics:
Air Quality: Is It Safe to Breathe?
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming: Are These the Same Phenomenon?
Pollution: Shall We Fix It or Prevent It?
Global Warming: Causes, Effects, and Cures
Antibiotics: Are We Creating Monster Microbes and Incurable Diseases?
Food Additives: Pros and Cons
Going Green

Write a 6-page minimum(not including illustrations and cover/bibliography or abstract), double-spaced(font size 12) research paper on one of the above topics.

Use any source(internet, magazines, etc.). You MUST cite your sources(use MLA or APA). This paper will be due later in the semester, and I will talk more about it at a future time during class session.

You will be penalized one or more letter grades if your paper does not conform to all of the above guidelines!(or is handed in late)

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