Chi-square test

Use the following data to conduct a Chi-square test for each region of the company in the same manner you viewed in the video:RegionExpectedActualSoutheastDefined10098Open100104NortheastDefined150188Open150214MidwestDefined125120Open125108PacificDefined200205Open200278Step 3:Write an 800–1,000-word essay, utilizing APA formatting, to discuss the following:Describe why hypothesis testing is important to businesses.Report your findings from each Chi-square test that you conducted.Based solely on the Chi-square test, discuss whether the company should accept the null hypothesis in each region or reject it in favor of the alternate hypothesis.Discuss any other statistical analyses you would want the company to contemplate before deciding if it will go with a defined or open sales strategy.Describe and discuss at least 1 other business scenario in which you believe Chi-square testing would be help these

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