Child abuse in Texas

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Child abuse in Texas.Many cases have surfaced evidencing the extent of child abuse by family, relatives and even trusted acquaintances. Child maltreatment includes sexual molestation as well as use of a forbidden substance resulting in psychological or physical injury to a child.Children below the age of three are the most vulnerable to child abuse as they entirely depend on their parents and can hardly defend themselves from any harm.Parents expose their children to danger due to their lack of proper parenting education. According to (Libal 220), most parents aged 26-35 years old are likely to blame for the abuses. From parents to teachers and elders they exact corporal retribution and other means of punishment to inflict physical abuse. It also involves bullying in schools from senior students and schoolmates.The Texas government has created a department to oversee child abuse cases. If residents suspect any child abuse case, they are mandated to report to Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (Diamond 1). The agency in an attempt to address child abuse by mandating professionals such as teachers, doctors day care employees as well as other state-licensed organizations that have personal contact with the children to report any concerns they may observe in to ensure safety of the children (Barriere and Feldman 1572). Texas law has provisions of criminal authorization for attacks, sexual molestation and all other acts that are committed against children leading to child abuse. Texas family Code provides for child protection from abusers. It forms the basis for criminal persecution of those who abuses or commits a crime against children. According to the code, abuse entails acts or omissions that risk or impairs a child’s psychological, physical and emotional as well as health advancement. The abuse includes neglect of health and physical aspects as well as

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