Child policy in China

Write a 4 page essay on Is One Child Policy in China Effective.The implementation of the one-child policy saw the light of day early 1980s. This legislation came in to curb the unprecedented population increase that took place a couple of decades before 1980s. Formulation and drafting of the policy had started late 1970s, but the actual implementation took place in 1980 and subsequent years.Even though population increase was getting out of control, it was difficult to get the policy operational. Since the 1980s, one-child policy implementation has been dynamic due to the adoption of some specific changes from time to time.In light of the provisions made in the policy, there are a number of purposes served by the one-child requirement. The ultimate goal of the policy is to control and manage Chinese population. The operational aspects of the policy were designed to reduce births in the country. With reduced births within and across the country, population growth rate would significantly reduce. In other words, the essence of the policy is to reduce fertility levels, discourage couples from having many children, and ultimately reduce the general population in China (Wan, 2012).To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the policy promotes family planning through use of contraceptives. Government-funded agencies conduct massive awareness and creation and public education on matters of population, social welfare, and economic development. In essence, the purpose of the policy is to enhance the interconnection between the three variables.

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