China’s new silk road project

Written Assignment 2  Answer questions 5 and 6 In this assignment, you are asked to explore China’s New Silk Road Project across different regions. You are also required to address the controversies surrounding the project from the perspective of the country receiving the investment and those of other power centers in Europe and North America. ?Research data.  Do not hesitate to analyze or explain the data, and the assumptions underlying the data.?At no time, or no way should you violate academic integrity.  Please be keenly aware that you will be found out and the entire paper can receive a zero.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the team to demand to review sources and check for plagiarism. ?This is not a Q&A paper, although you will be evaluated on whether you have failed to address any issues.  Create a cohesive paper that connects all the points with a proper introduction and conclusion.?There must in in text citations and a reference page. Data tables can be placed at the end of the paper.  They must be appropriately numbered and sourced.  The body of the paper should make the reference to the data, where appropriate. ?The paper must follow the APA style for the structure, spacing, etc.  All references must also be in APA style.  There is a link in Modules with a link for APA information. In an APA styled double spaced paper, there is approximately 200 words per page.  With three persons in a group, each person should contribute 500 – 600 words, for a total of 1,500 – 1,800 words.  This excludes Title, Abstract, References and Tables.  The Grading Rubric is given below.  QUESTIONS YOU COULD ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN5.Discuss the pros and cons regarding the Chinese efforts from the perspectives of the US and Europe, with respect to the expanding Chinese influence and Chinese economic power around the globe.6.How do you synthesize your learning of OBOR with your learning on globalization?ReferencesThe LibGuide gives you several references for this assignment.  The reference librarian will also help you with the research.Start first with the references provided in the Lib Guide. If you find the references provided do not meet your needs, you can develop your own references.  Do not use derivative websites for your sources, as this will adversely affect your grade on this assignment.TURNITIN AS A LEARNING TOOLTurnitin helps prevent plagiarism by providing both the student and the professor a feedback report that compares any student work submitted through the software with a comprehensive database of books, journals, websites and papers written by other students. Some of the writing assignments in this course will use Turnitin software to help students improve their skill at paraphrasing statements contained in research on a topic and to help increase awareness of the proper use of citation when a student writes a paper using ideas or statements taken from a research source. For any essay-based assignment submissions, including but not limited to homework, papers, and projects, students will be expected to submit that assignment through Turnitin in Canvas, following the submission guidelines given with the assignment instructions. Prior to submitting a final draft of an assignment, students will have the opportunity to submit several drafts of that assignment to Canvas in order to get sufficient feedback from Canvas reports to help minimize the risk of plagiarism. If the assignment continues to have evidence of plagiarism in the final draft of the assignment, the professor will file a report to the Department Chair documenting the use of the paper as an action of academic dishonesty. If a student fails to submit an assignment to Turnitin, the professor will assign a grade of zero for that assignment. By submitting a paper to Turnitin, that paper will become source material included in the Turnitin database.ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTERThe Academic Support Center offers academic assistance to all students through the use of services including tutoring, workshops, and access to computer based programs. For further information, please visit the Academic Support Center on Blackboard. INFORMATION LITERACYInformation Literacy is a valuable set of skills that empowers students to become agile information seekers who adapt to changing modes of information delivery and are selective, critical, ethical users of information in all formats. These skills are embedded within course work throughout academic programs.

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