Chinese business etiquette

Task details: Sally, an Australian always knew that she would have a career to do with food, because her parents having worked as chefs, were continuously experimenting with new recipes for sauces and condiments and bottling them for gifts. Growing up around this food loving way of life is what led Sally to start a small home business manufacturing a variety of condiments.
Today, Sally owns The A Condiments Shop’ and a small factory in Nowra. Her products use organic ingredients, and are guaranteed to not make the use of preservatives.

Sally now wishes to expand her business to China as she is certain that her products will be popular, which include chilli sauces, pastes, chutneys, and jams.
She believes that the best way forward is to fly to China to meet the manager of a popular store — Mr. Xi a fifty-five-year-old Chinese man. Conversely, one thing Mary is not so certain of is how to conduct business with the Chinese, and especially how to proceed with a first meeting.

You are to prepare a formal analytical essay of strictly no more than 1500 words (+-10%) on Chinese business etiquette and steps that Sally can use to make a favourable first impression when she visits China

to meet with Mr. Xi. You will need to provide some research grounded recommendations for addressing these You must also include a section on: areas of potential cross-cultural miscommunication, using one cultural framework Hofstede or GLOBE Models of Culture covered in this unit, and suitable adjustments Sally can make to increase the success of the meeting.

Assignment Format: Essay

A title page — Individual KOI cover sheet, signed. No Abstract or Executive Summary or TOCs is required. This Essay should have a heading and two or more subheadings for each topic. The written text should be right and left justified throughout.
A minimum of seven scholarly references in the Harvard Anglia style are required to pass this assessment. However, for a high mark, you will need to use many more scholarly references Only one Internet (www) resources will be allowed. It is very important that you assess the internet resource used for credibility.

Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 10pt or Arial 10pt.

Assignment Alarm: You can check the assessment’s similarity by submitting it to Turnitin prior to the due date. However, you cannot make a resubmission after the due date, don’t make a mistake in submitting the wrong file. Ensure you do this assignment yourself. We are obliged to mark what is submitted at the due date and time.

Please refer to the marking rubric for details about each marking criterion. Please refer to the marking rubric for details about each marking criterion.

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