Cicada’s larva

Write an article on cicadas Paper must be at least 500 words. Process Analysis: Cicada’s larva becomes cicada Cicadas are known as large, noise producing insect of the order Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadidae. It has a stout body, a wide, blunt head, protruding eyes and a two pairs of membranous wings. The front wings, which are longer than the rear pair, extend beyond the insect’s abdomen. The males of the species bear plate-like membranes on the thorax. vibrations of these plates enable them to produce loud, shrill sound, while the females of the species are silent. This is their mating sound. Distribution of the genus is worldwide. The life cycle of the insect pass through different phases once mating of the pairs is done. The female lay 4-5 mm long egg on the ventral thorax. Their life cycle takes 17 years in northern species and 13 years in southern species. the two types overlap in parts of the United States. In about six weeks the wingless, scaly larvae, or nymphs, burrow into the ground, where they remain for 13 or 17 years, feeding on juices, the xylem sap, sucked from roots of the flora present in that area encompassing grasses, forbs or trees. The nymphal development takes numerous years. The nymphs molt periodically as they grow. finally the full-grown nymphs emerge, climb a short distance reaches the tree trunks, herb stem and fences, anchors itself with the help of its tarsal claws to protect itself and molts or shed their last larval skin. The winged adults generally emerge together in large numbers, live for about one week. Its nymphal shell remains as proof indicating the transition in the life cycle of the cicadas. This is also a transition from its restricted life to free life where it has freedom to fly. Cicadas are known as strong fliers with a high visual alertness. Adults feed on xylem sap and have a life span of a few weeks. Different broods mature at regular intervals, so that at least one colony is conspicuous in some part of the United States each year, and even in a given locality a brood may appear every few years. Other North American cicadas are known as dog-day cicadas, or harvest flies, because the adults appear in late summer. Their life cycle is thought to be similar to that of the periodical cicadas, but in most species it is completed in two years. Florida cicadas are capable of producing adults every year. On the other hand large woodland species require many yearSignificance:Cicada larvae do little damage, but when adults appear in large numbers their egg-laying may damage young trees. As nymphs feed on the roots they decrease the crop yield or may cause a severe damage to the roots of the plants leading to the plant death.Cicadas re not reported to bite or sting or harbor any organism. They are the food for various animal species encompassing birds, mammals and other species of Phylum Arthropod. When the adult emerges from its cocoon it is consumed as food by human beings also either as such i.e. raw or cooked. It is also known to have prevented starvation of North Americans living in wild in past. It is therefore this insect is awaited for its emergence from its cocoon because of its significant food value.I also got an opportunity to not only see but also touch the cicada cocoon when I was young. I was so enthusiastic and curious to know how cicada emerges out of its closed shell that I caught it and brought it home. I took utmost care and precision not to disturb it and carefully placed the cocoon on the Japanese apricot tree. The cicada emerged after several hours of sleep but it was unfortunate that it could not fly because one of the wings remained folded. I felt really sorry from the bottom of my heart as maybe I was finding myself responsible for this malformed wing. When I grew up I could understand that during the process of development if the position of the developing organs is disturbed then it leads to alteration in the expression of genes responsible for the development. During the process of development position of the developing organism is imperative and any kind of changes made, alters the formation of proteins required for the organ development.My amusement therefore made the cicada handicapped for its entire life. This is the lesson for me and has given me the message that if one wants to help someone/ ask for the help from someone it should be only to the extent which is required else it makes the individual dependent for rest of the life! We are no one to impede the nature and natural development. References:

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