Citation Assignment

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Homework Help

Directions: Each person in the class has been randomly assigned two different kinds of source documents: a book, a journal article, a magazine article with no author, etc from the pdf documents located in the Document Zip file, below. You should find your name listed twice on the list. Use the files found in the zip file below.

Do not provide your own sources for this assignment. You do not have to read the articles. You will have to cite them. Please provide the citation you would use if you used this source in a paper (in text citation) and the way that you would list the source in your APA Reference List. Please use the chart provided.   For each document you are assigned, please provide:

  1. What the parenthetical, in-text citation would look like
  2. What the corresponding reference list entry for that source

Your post does not have to provide any introductory language. Do not upload a link to your work. Paste your work into the discussion board to allow easier access to other students. 

Only provide the following information for each of the two source documents you have been assigned:

Type of SourceParenthetical CitationReference List Entry
1. (book, magazine, etc.)1.1.

You do not have to respond to anyone else’s posts for this discussion assignment. Please adhere to this discussion’s due date. Click the Reply button to create your thread. Please do not upload a link; paste your document to allow easy access for other students.

You will be unable to edit your posts after you’ve seen other responses, so be sure to carefully proofread your entries before posting. Do not leave this discussion assignment for the last minute, as it can be time-consuming. On-time posters will be awarded participation points for completeness and accuracy of the two citations and reference list entries. An answer key will be provided in the next module.

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