Class discussion board

Each week you will need to complete the class discussion board for that week. That discussion board is a Reaction board. This board is fairly open-ended. Basically, I want you to give a response to the class materials for the week. This should not be a summary (everyone else hopefully read it too) but rather something you thought interesting, a connection you saw between this week’s materials (or previous weeks’ materials), something going on today that it reminds you of, etc. It’s pretty open-ended, but what I want to see is that you’re engaging with the course materials for that week. This post should be a minimum of 100 words (due Thursday). In addition, you will post two replies to classmates’ posts on the Reaction board (due Sunday). These don’t have a minimum word limit, but the reply posts should be complete sentences that explain your reason for your response (“I agree” is not enough, but “I agree, because…” is ok). plus the questions in the file

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