Class Discussion posts

Make ONE original post and comment on TWO of your classmates’ posts. Please read what your classmates have posted before you. Avoid simply repeating what others have already said. Write in complete sentences. You will be graded on BOTH the content of what you write and the cleanliness of your language — spelling, capitalization, punctuation. Make sure to proofread!

Remember, you may have to check back periodically to see if there are new posts for you to comment on, especially if you make your post early in the week.

This week, there are TWO tasks in the Discussion:

Quote a short passage from one of the three essays we read last week. Explain why you chose this specific passage and what you admire about the writing. Make sure to identify which essay your quoted passage is from. Quote a short passage from your first scene (Also due today!). Explain what information you want your reader to gain about you from this passage. Explain your purpose. (Your classmates will tell you if you met your purpose in your writing.)

After you have made your initial post, make sure to check back often to reply to TWO of your classmates, and reply to each person who replies to your post. Spread your replies around, so we don’t end up with a few posts crowded with comments while other posts remain un-commented on. Provide feedback that will he helpful for the writer: if you do not believe a classmate’s purpose has been met, then offer ways to improve the writing.

Avoid using empty words like “good” or “bad” and “like” or “dislike” when talking about classmates’ writing. Rather, explain WHY the writing is working and/or explain why certain passages might need to be revised.

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