Class project 1S151

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Health of a Nation
Class project 1S151

The paper should be well-written, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, professional appearance; citation’s when using other’s work. You need to cite each sentence or paragraph appropriately. You can use MLA and APA style. The citation style must be consistent in the entire paper.
The paper should be submitted on time through the blackboard
Late papers will not be graded.
Papers without name, course name and class section will not be graded.

You will be assigned to do research for one the following non-communicable diseases.
Heart disease (cardiovascular disease)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Breast cancer
Prostate cancer
Colon cancer
Lung cancer
Type II diabetes

Overview of the disease
Explain the disease in one short paragraph.
Overall prevalence /incidence of the disease in the United States.
Overall prevalence/incidence of the disease in the state of NY.
Who is the most affected?
Repot prevalence of the disease based age, gender and race/ethnic group.
For the statistics you need to use the reliable source of data including the Centers for Dieses Control and Prevention (CDC), American Heart Association, American Diabetic Association, American Cancer Society or World Health Organization ( use information you learned in the information literacy class).
You need to report the latest statistics with citations in the text (see library resource for more information).
List risk factors and protective factors which associated with the disease based.
Organize all of the factors based on Social Ecological frame work.

Draw the multi-causation disease model/ Social Ecological model for the disease (for more information see chapter four-Introduction to Community and Public Health).
Table 1: Factors associated with X disease in the Unites States (this is a dummy table so you can add rows based on the factors )
Personal factors
Cultural and Policy

Classify risk factors based on modified and non-modified factors

Table 2: List of modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors associated with X disease (again this is a dummy table and you might add more rows)

Non modifiable risk factors
Modifiable risk factors

Consider all three levels of prevention for the disease and list the current prevention actions or intervention(s) for the disease in the United States. You need to use Healthy People 2020 to list and analysis the current prevention strategies in the United States.
List and categorize the preventative strategies based on three levels of prevention.
Discuss if the current preventative strategies are effective. Explain your answer. Why it is effective or why not effective.
Table 3: List of preventative strategies for X disease (you might add more row to the tables)
Primary prevention
Individual role
Community role

Secondary prevention
Individual role
Community role

Tertiary prevention
Individual role
Community role

Based on instructor’s feedback you need to address the comments, revise your paper, and make a presentation to present your project.
Make a PowerPoint presentation and present your project to the class in 7 minutes.
Show Statistics
Explain model
Explain risk factors
Explain the prevention strategies
You will have only 7 minutes for presentation so you need to manage time.

The project should be submitted through the blackboard on the due date.

Useful websites:
Incidence rate for different types of cancer:
Tool for prevalence and incidence

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